Pre-Conference Green Energy and Power College (Workshop)


• Participants to the Pre-Conference Energy and Power College will be able to update themselves on cutting edge technologies, innovations relevant to their fields through training and support.

•Move to the next level by getting update on the future Energy: through acquisition of knew knowledge on the main pillars of their profession; interims of Innovation, Generation, Distribution and End user adaptation.

•Get new exposure and experience in the areas of operation and Maintenance most especially as it meet the end users in the National Energy mix and the alternative Energy industry

•Identifies opportunities

•Get update in the Challenges, solution and alternatives

•The issue of Finance

• Access to Free Lunch and Refreshments during the Pre-Conference workshop session

• Access to Exhibition floor

• Access to Poster event

Pre Conference Power College has three workshop training Categories:

A. Basic Training: $150(£99 Approx) +VAT

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register for Basic, Advanced Workshop training or Green Energy Certification Course. click here