Green Energy and Power - Conference, Energy and Power College and Exhibition-Millennium Show.

(A) Professionals.

(B) Industrialist.

(C) Private and Public Manufacturing Companies and Organizations.

(D) Researchers.

(E) (a) National and International Energy Scientists and Engineers (Nuclear, Conventional Energy and Power, Green and Renewable Energy)

(b) National and International Energy Scientists and Engineers (Buildings, Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Automobile, Aeronautics, etc.)

(F) Physicists, Chemists, Biologists, Statisticians, Mathematicians, Educationists, Economists, Agriculturists, Environmentalists, Academicians, Fabricators, Marketers, Consumers of Green and Renewable Energy Appliances, Governmental & Non-Governmental Organization, Agencies and Representatives of Corporate Establishment. Department of various organizations, Plant Engineers, Laboratory Technologists, Chief Executive/Directors of Corporate Organizations, Institutions, Banks and Insurance.

(G) Universities and Polytechnics, Hospital Administrators, etc.

(H) Practicing Engineers, Engineers in the services of the Federal, State and Local Government, Civil Engineers, Estate Managers and Builders.

(I) Military, Paramilitary-Police, Custom, Immigration, Prison etc.

(J) Policy Makers.

(K) Teachers, Students, Hospitality, Tourism and NGOs