Event Tracks

Track 1- Renewable Energy.

Track 2- Agriculture and Green Technology.

Track 3-Eco System And Health

Track 4-Green Enegy Business And Financing.

Track 4- Cimate Change Emmission Controle And Toxic Criteria

Track 5- Conventional Power Generation And The Green World


Green Initiatives for Development, Bio-Diversity and Sustainability In the 20th Century.


Capacity Building in Energy through Green Innovation and Research.

Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass/Gass, Geothermal &Tidal): An alternative means of Green Power Generation.

Agriculture and Green Technology.

Green Enegy Business And Financing.

Independent Power Production.

Global Warming and Climate change.

Environmental Sustainability and Good Health Through Emission Control.

Elimination of Carbon Emission-A Veritable means Towards Achieving Zero ‘Green House Effect’.

Ecosystem, Healthy Living And Bio-Diversity.

Our Main Focus :

Our Main Focus: The world energy industrial portfolio was bugged down by many issues inclusive of availability, capacity building and utilization, risk, accident prevention and management, innovation, finance, emission and other environmentally related issues. Having these attendant scenarios in mind, our focus at the conference is to show and deliver to participants, how power generation, distribution, installation, operation and maintenance of various form of energy systems can meet the end user need (on Large, Medium and Small Scale) while scaling most of these issues. To achieve these goals the key players in the system will come under one roof in other to facilitate linkages, cross fertilization of ideas and Networking. The event will therefore be driven by the above stated goals.

Partial Support

Partial Support: As a form of encouragement partial support will be given to very few deserving delegates, expecially those comming from developing countries; however, request for support will have to be justified by the delegate making such demand and consideration made on individual merit.