Climate Change, Emission Control And Toxic Criteria

We are currently accepting Abstracts, Posters and Expression of Interest by Panelists Discussant for the  International Conference on Renewable, Conventional Power and Green Technology holding at Alabama, USA and London, UK.

You can present papers on any Track which is of interest to you. We have also tried to break the Topics further into Five Tracks, with each track containing (a) Areas of Focus and (b) Areas of Operations

Should in case you have any other related abstracts/papers/projects which you think can be innovative information for the public in the related subject matter and not included in the above Track, Areas of Focus and operation, please do not hesitate to send it across for consideration to be presented at the conference.

Your abstract should not be more that 220 Words. Authors must indicate the e-mail addresses of the main and co-author(s). The main contact person should also be indicated in the abstract.Please upload the Pdf version of full paper after your abstract must have been accepted. Acceptance of Abstract will be communicated to the indicated contact author as soon as they are received, processed and accepted by the Selection committee.

Abstract and Full Conference Paper Submission deadline for USA and UK Conference will soon be published.

Poster Presentation:-USA and UK
Delegates interested in Poster presentation can submit their Posters online. Date and Time for Poster presentation at the conference will be communicated to individual presenter. No change in date and time of presentation will be entertained

Deadline for submission of the Title of your Posters will soon be published

Deadline for Submission of full Poster will soon be published

The submitted papers should be typed written with Times New Roman, size 12 fonts and should not be more than 12 pages. Paper will be delivered within 18 minutes including the question and answer session.

Presented papers will be available online after the conference.


Benefit: Chairman Panelists of discussant is entitled to Full Free Conference Registration.

The panels of discussion will consist of 3- 5 panellists.

The following must be indicated in form of a Proposal by the Panellists at the time of submitting their abstract/expression of interest.

1. A proposal by the panellists

2. Topic/Abstract/Project: This must be in line with the goals of the Conference (see home page and the Conference announcement page.)

3. Name, Address, Name of company, e-mail address, Telephone no. and short Biography (about 250 words) of each member of panel.

4. Indicate the moderator of the panel.

One of the members of the panel will be given complimentary registration which includes: full Conference registration, (See Registration at the Home Page) however accommodation, feeding and other logistics have to be provided by the participant benefiting from complimentary registration.
Other members should be encouraged to attend.
Discussion will be presented within one to two hours and must be of maximum value to the participants.Any member of the panel of discussion can present at the conference same/different paper to be discussed. However this intention should be indicated at the time of expression of interest.

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